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Title Abstracting

Eastern Land & Mineral Services, LLC. understands the importance of accuracy when researching title issues. Our experienced teams will work quickly for you – ensuring a complete title narrative in the shortest time frame possible. Whether the project directive calls for patents to present, cursory, or due diligence research Eastern is well prepared to meet your needs and deliver professional results both on-site or remotely. Does Title Curative

Title Curative

It is not out of the ordinary for surface and mineral title chains to be burdened with gaps – gaps that may not be cured with public records available in the courthouse(s) whose jurisdiction covers a project area. With client approval, Eastern’s experienced abstractors will examine public records in other jurisdictions as well as non-public sources to resolve those issues. Eastern’s professional landmen are also prepared to obtain assignments, deeds, and leases needed to resolve any clouds on title.

Eastern LMS, LLC Deeds

Title Certification

Eastern Land & Mineral Services, LLC provides comprehensive Title Memorandum reports, as well as Certified Title Opinions. With over 45 years’ experience with oil and gas titles, Eastern Land & Mineral Services, LLC can assist its clients in determining the current day status of ownership – no matter how complex the chain may be – as well as evaluating potential clouds on title.

Eastern LMS Geophysical Operations Mapping


Eastern Land and Mineral Services GIS department utilizes the latest solutions offered by esri via their ArcGis platform.  Whether a stand-alone project or integrated with a title, leasing or right-of-way program our professional mappers are available for any sized project.

Buying & Selling

In addition to Title Due Diligence services in support of Purchase and Sale agreements for E&P’s, Eastern Land and Mineral Services also assists its clients in purchasing fee rights in OGM’s, purchasing producing royalties and purchasing ORRI’s.  Whether it is curing alleged title defects in complex transactions, verifying royalty payments or facilitating the transfer of producing royalty ownership, our team is well prepared to assist throughout the full process.

Contract Hand Shake


Throughout the varied stages of project development – whether it be geophysical exploration, drilling or mid-stream operations – surface easements, leases and permits are often necessary. Eastern Land & Mineral Services, LLC has years of experience and will ensure the proper instruments are negotiated and recorded.


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